Sniper Elite V2

Sniper Elite V2 is a 2012 tactical shooter video game developed by Rebellion Developments and published by 505 Games for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and later Wii U consoles and a developer self-published version for Microsoft Windows. It is a sequel/remake of Rebellion's 2005 game Sniper Elite.

Initially I was part of the SEV2 QA team. On a daily basis I executed test plans both alone and with colleagues (the game featured a sizeable multiplayer and coop component). I worked on the project from mid way through its development cycle until its release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Shortly after release I became a GUI Designer and helped impliment new multiplayer modes during a prolongued, post release, free DLC campaign.

In 2015 I returned to SEV2 to implement an interstitial advert as part of a promotion with Valve in which the game was available free in perpetuity if claimed on a specific date.